Sunday, September 2, 2018

Tools of the Trade: Idiopathic Hypersomnia Product Guide

When sleeping is your full time occupation, you realize pretty quickly that there are some creature comforts that make the job more enjoyable. In honor of International Idiopathic Hypersomnia Awareness Week®, here's a list of my most valued tools for slumber:

Carribean Hammocks - I've been sleeping in a hammock for almost two years, but I just recently installed hooks in the living room and my daughter's room. When I'm too sleepy to stand, but my medication won't let me sleep, I can rock in the hammock and still be part of family life. The gentle swaying is quite calming. My body would ache from spending so much time in bed, but the hammock is a much more ergonomic way to sleep. My favorite hammock is the Jumbo Collumbian Hammock made by Carribean Hammocks.

LAKE Pajamas - I never really loved pajamas until my first pair of LAKE  Pajamas. For most of my life I was usually too sleepy by bedtime to go through the extra work of changing into PJs so I often just slept in my day clothes, but LAKE made me a believer in the value of comfortable pajamas. Not only are they super soft and cozy, they're quite beautiful. My personal favorite is the short-long combo and their robe for when it's a bit cooler. Since it's really easy to get daytime/nightime switched with IH, I reserve my pajamas for night sleep.

Max Rock Sleep Earplugs - These are great for listening to ocean waves or guided meditations to help mask the noise of the busy world. Max rock makes the most comfortable earbuds. If you're a hammock sleeper, I recommend getting an audio extension cable so your earbuds won't get pulled on when you sway in your hammock.

ComfyEarrings - These earrings are a game changer. My sister gave them to me and I haven't taken them out of my ears since Christmas. ComfyEarrings

May your naps be restorative and your sleep be refreshing. If that's not in the cards for you, then may your sleep inertia be short lived and may your automatic behaviors allow for your milk to end up in the fridge, your ice cream to be in the freezer, and your phone to be where you can find it.

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